Reviving the Dead

... or Carry on my Wayward Projects

I've done something that I almost never do. I've updated my portfolio page and more than just slapping in some additional content I've actually made some sizeable changes and improvements to the actual page that I think really improve the usability and showcase a little more my capability as a developer.

So, a quick rundown of changes. First, I've updated to BootStrap 3.1.1. I've also added Font Awesome because it's... awesome. I cannot stress enough how much I love icon fonts. To add these things I decided to use Bower because it's a great way to keep packages up to date.

This is something that should happen as an ongoing process, but like most developers, I think I tend to just leave portfolios and other projects to stagnate on the world stage.

So often when undertaking a project you're excited to do something amazing. Whenever you're putting on the finishing touches or, more-likely, scrambling to be done so you can move on to the next thing you think to yourself that you're going to come back and update things. When it comes down to it, though, there just never seems to be enough time in enough days for that to happen.

That said, I am rather proud of myself for making this happen.


That's a great question, I'm glad I asked it. In this case I felt that it was just embarassing to have such outdated information collecting virtual dust as it had been on my portfolio. In addition I decided to update my LinkedIn as well.

It feels pretty good to update things.

Who cares?

Good point. Back to the updates. So, I mentioned that I added / updated some packages. On the technical side I also made some changes to improve performance and simply because I can. All of the content is now loaded via ajax from a single html file. I haven't addressed the navigation between pages yet, but I'm putting that aside for a rainy day. (Not that I expect it will rain any time soon).

The way the content is loaded is pretty straightforward:

  /* Load home page */
  $( '#container' ).load( 'content.html #home-content', function() {
   } );

  /* Ajax Content */
  $( '#home, #resume, #contact' ).click( function(e) {
    var page =;
    $( '#container' ).load( 'content.html #' + page + '-content', function() {
      $( '#home, #resume, #contact' ).removeClass( 'active' );
      $( '#' + page ).addClass( 'active' );
      if ( page === 'home' ) homeMethods();
      if ( page === 'contact' ) contactMethods();
    } );

I also changed out some images on my contact page in favor of font-awesome icons and colored them based on their brand colors like so:

.in {
  color: #0e76a8;
.in:hover, .in:focus, .in:active {
  color: #0A577C;

.gplus {
  color: #dd4b39;
.gplus:hover, .gplus:focus, .gplus:active {
  color: #A53629;

.fb {
  color: #3b5998;
.fb:hover, .fb:focus, .fb:active {
  color: #273C68;

.twt {
  color: #55acee;
.twt:hover, .twt:focus, .twt:active {
  color: #366E99;

.git {
  color: #171515;
.git:hover, .git:focus, .git:active {
  color: #685D5D;

And that all works pretty well.

There were some other maintenence things as well, such as improving the success / error displays on my contact form and general housekeeping to improve look / layout and of course liberal use of Font Awesome.


Well, I don't know. I suppose this is more just a #humblebrag that I've actually updated an old project. I have several more that I really should get back to, but this feels like a good start.